Sunday, October 09, 2005

conservative religious beliefs

I spend a lot of time hearing beliefs that I know aren't true of all Christians, and yet they are presented as if every Christian either does or should believe them. The arrongance of some people in conservative circles never ceases to amaze me. Who are they to say what anyone else should believe? They really seem to believe that people who don't believe exactly the same as they do aren't true Christians. I find that really disturbing.
I also hear a lot about intelligent design. I really wish that I knew what true scientists believe on the issue of criticism of evolution. I'm sure that there are valid criticisms of evolution, I just never know what to believe because attending a religious school, and having spent most of my life at similar schools, I find that people who believe that the Bible's account of creation is true will latch on to anything, however rational, to defend their beliefs. I read a quote today that I don't want to forget. Andrew Sullivan, a Catholic, at said "Anyone who believes that the world was literally created in six days a few thousand years ago is not expressing his or her 'reliogious beliefs. Believeing something that is demonstrably and empirically untrue in not religion. It is simply superstition or lunacy. It has nothing to do with faith in things we cannot know. The notion that it should actually be taught in public schools as science is beneath even debating." I don't really know if all of this is true or not, but I'm sure that some of it is. I know that it's true that a lot of people do not express their true religious beliefs. Sometimes what people think that they believe doesn't actually make any sense or doesn't correspond with other things that they claim to believe. I find that I encounter that in people who don't ever seem to have questioned their faith.
Anyway, I try to screen a lot of things that I hear on certain topics, such as evolution or homosexuality or other stuff, before actually accepting it. This is especially true of things that I hear from religious groups. After hearing things that I know to be untrue from certain pastors and others I guess I'm a little paranoid. I know a lot of good people who are Christians and I don't have a particular problem with Christians in general, but I know that I could never be one.


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