Friday, November 04, 2005


Ah, blogging. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love reading blogs and up until about 5 minutes ago, I had three. I just deleted one of them: the myspace account. It was supposed to be secret, but yesterday someone I know tried to friend me. I'm not really broken up about it cause I never posted things on it, but I did use it for one thing. To be a member of the Free Zach group. I'll probably create another one so that I can rejoin the group and make sure that it is untracable to me. On the last one I made the mistake of putting my hometown.
I kind of feel like a bitch, being a closeted gay rights supporter. Well, I'm not completely closeted, but I keep a lot of my opinions on the subject to myself. I don't really keep the fact that I have no problem with someone being gay to myself - I don't have a problem telling my friends that- but I do keep quiet about how strongly I actually feel about it. Equality is something that I really care about and it really bothers me when I look around and see things that are unjust. I know of a professor on campus who has a daughter that is a lesbian. She is terrified of anyone finding out. She stuck a toe out of the closet a few months ago when she had a relationship with another girl I know, but when that didn't work out I think she went completely back in. I wish I could be a better friend to her, but we've never been really close. Next semester may be different, when a mutual friend returns. Anyway, I'm just babbling on. I really should get to more important things. Yeah, right. Of course I'm just going to mess around online some more. :)


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